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Anonymous said: "do you ever look at a boys hands and just nod to yourself?" win butler.


u understand the world anon

accurate description of my arcade-fire-loving!boyfriend tbh. it concerns me.


I love arcade fire so much I love will and his stupid head shaking and regine and her pretty dresses and her dancing and I love how they are the most self serious, pretentious band until they get on stage and go insane. and even though win is kinda an ass I still love him because he is an ass who doubles as a musical genius and he never seems to have bad intentions idk. I love arcade fire so much. pray 4 me

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Hanging gardens by Rebecca Louise Law

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at Fondation Cartier-Bresson, Paris, France

This retrospective features 130 prints by one of the most original and influential photographers of the last 40 years.

Born in Danville, Virginia, in 1941, Emmet Gowin grew up on Chincoteague Island in a highly religious environment. His father was a Methodist minister who instilled discipline in his son, while his mother, a musician, taught him to be patient and gentle. In his free time, marveling at the surrounding nature, Gowin took to drawing. (read more)

“I’m waiting.”
"For what?
"My kind of people."
"What kind is that?"
"I can’t explain it. I can tell my kind of people by their faces. By something in their faces.”

Ayn Rand

Exhibition dates:
May 14 - July 27, 2014

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Win Butler (un)appreciation post (part 2)

Happy 34th Birthday! (April 14th 1980).

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something’s been going on with his arm recently when he’s not playing guitar

this is the worst thing i have drawn and i am sorry

win’s awkward arm is worse than win himself

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Yoshihiko Ueda - Quinault, 1990-91

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Régine Chassagne appreciation post blog life.

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